The world’s best known bookmaker is 1xBet. And that’s because of its wealth of experience in this industry. The trust built over the years by its users, is also an added plus. For the past years, the gaming industry has been spreading like wildfire all over the globe. This was the only motivation for 1xBet to spread its reach in these countries so as to bring in more users, who are going to have the best experience in this bookmaker than any other. With this India was the jewel which was desired to be acquired by 1xBet.

There are lots of pay methods, bonuses and promotional offers in 1xBet. This may have you a little bit off balance when it comes to how exactly deposit works and how to receive such juicy offers. And it isn’t wrong to wonder what 1xBet deposit charges are.

No worries, this article would give accurate answers to all basic questions.

Here are some of the things, you might wish to know;

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Learn about 1xBet deposit charges

This isn’t just a site, in which you just gamble and end for the day. No, you play, earn, and earn more bonuses that’s 1xBet.

Here are some of the basic reasons you can become eligible for 1xBet bonus:

  • Daily bonus
  • Happy Friday promotion
  • Birthday bonus
  • Wednesday bonus
  • Welcome bonus

Well these are just a few bonuses that all our Indian folks can receive. There are lots more where that came from.

What you have to hold in consideration is this, you’ll have to make a 1xBet deposit before you can gain anything whatsoever. So it depends on how much you deposit, before you have access to the bonuses.

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What are Charges for 1xBet Deposits?

1xBet Deposit Methods India

The stipulated sum to make your deposits is just 1 euro. And immediately you’re done with that you receive your bonus. The deposit can also reach an amount of 100 euros, in which you receive 100 percent match bonus. Which means that regardless of how much you pay, you still gain a lot.

Here are some particular kind of bonus that requires you to make deposit before they appear in your account:

  • 1xBet deposit bonus: when you make your first deposit, 1xBet immediately rewards you. As simple as that, so if you’re new and wish to start, all you have to do is to make a deposit of 100 euros and you get 100 percent bonus.
  • Your lucky Friday: only available every Friday. But only given, if you make a deposit, so as to be included in the promotion. The deposit charges start at 1 euro.
  • Welcome bonus: if you just joined, then this would be given to you. It’s 1xBet little way of saying “you’re welcome.” But only if you make your first 1xBet minimum deposit of at least 1 euro. Otherwise you won’t be granted €1500 + 150 free bets feature.
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How to Make 1xBet Deposits in India

In this section, we would be looking at the ways to make a 1xBet deposit. And there are a lot of simple ways to do so. This would be very helpful, especially if you wish to make payments now. Let me tell you something that would even thrill you the more, “do you know there are over 200 methods of payment accepted by 1xBet?” No, well now you know. Here are the popular methods. You’ll learn how you can make your 1xBet minimum deposit India.

  1. E-payments: with the increase of this kind of payment method. 1xBet would also have to adjust to meet the demand. So this kind of payment is a good option, if you wish to pay in this way. Here are a few of the most popular ones;
    • Skrill
    • PayPal
    • Sticpay
    • E-pay
    • Perfect Money
  2. Bank cards: They are more popular than any other means of payment whether is the credit cards or debit cards. Deposits with bank cards are extremely easy and secure. When desiring to make payments you’ll be instructed to a full page on the screen to type in your personal information and proceed with the following instruction. Credit cards and debit cards are both perfectly suited for making your 1xBet minimum deposit. There’s no need to worry about your data. Your private information is going to be protected, so go on and make your first 1xBet deposit India using a bank card of your choice.
  3. Mobile Transfers: you can also make deposits through mobile transfers. With 1xBet app, you can make payments easy and quick, especially if you do not have or game with your personal computer.
  4. Cryptocurrencies: this is called cyberspace or virtual currency. And it’s increasingly becoming popular as a means of payment. They’re also accepted on 1xBet, if you wish to make 1xBet minimum deposit;
    • Dash
    • Ethereum
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
    • Dogecoin

1xBet Minimum Deposit for India

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1xBet Minimum Deposit for India

For successful betting, it’s important to know what 1xBet minimum deposit India is. To be gaming on 1xBet, if you’re in India, all you have to do is to deposit a minimum sum of 1 euro in your deposit account. With this amount, you can quickly gain access to the welcome bonus.

Remarkably, there are no 1xBet deposit charges if you wish to make your withdrawals. And your withdrawals are done in quickly, without additional waiting time. The difference you’ll have to know when making withdrawals is this, when making 1xBet minimal withdrawal in India it’s a bit higher compared to the minimum deposit.

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1xBet deposit methods India – is it possible to change currency

It is possible to change currency on 1xBet to make your 1xBet deposit using what is convenient to you. However, it is advised for you to choose your currency when creating your account.

If you wish to change your 1xBet activities to another currency, you’ll have to contact customer care. If you wish to make 1xBet minimum deposit India go ahead and make the change by calling 1xBet’s customer care or support.

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Wrapping up

It’s crucial to know how to make a 1xBet minimum deposit India to have an enjoyable betting experience. You also need to know all about deposit charges. So for our new user in India and also our dearly esteemed regular users.

We do hope that this article has been quite helpful for you. Now you know there are lots of ways to make your 1xBet deposit India without hassles. Now you can open your own 1xBet account and begin earning massive rewards.Register with bonus
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