The best thing about 1xBet are its bonuses. 1xBet is becoming quite popular for its myriad of promo offers. And it all depends on whether you’re a new user or a regular user, you’ll definitely get the best from 1xBet.

Now the key question, how to use 1xBet bonus? Many new users sometimes have no idea about how to use their bonus or even have no inkling of the procedures to get an offer. You have to know this first of all: 1xBet onus rules must surely be followed if you desire to get the benefits and also gain full access. If you violate the rules, there will be no bonus. The best way to access the bonus is by registering, getting your bonus and betting on the games of your choice to get more bonuses.

So if you wish to learn more about how to gain your bonus, then you’ll have to follow 1xBet bonus rules. This article would generally break down all bonuses as applied to every region where 1xBet operates.

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A Brief Definition of 1xBet Bonus

The exact amount you get entirely depends on the kind of bonus you obtain. We also have bonuses ranging from promotional offers to welcome bonuses, and so much more.

To be eligible for bonuses, you have to deposit some sum of money in your 1xBet bonus account. With all this said, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to 1xBet bonus rules.

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What’s the meaning of 1xBet welcome bonus and how is it received?

How to use 1xBet bonus like this Now if you’re new to 1xBet, then you have access to it. As soon you complete 1xBet registration procedure, you automatically get your bonus, specifically the welcome bonus.

For our Indian bettors, they have the best bonus. Which bookmaking site would give an offer so generous that amounts to 1500 euros coupled with 150 free spins? Only in 1xBet.

1xBet welcome bonus

Adding to that, the 1xBet bonus are divided into 4 deposit bonuses, which are;

  • First deposit- 10 percent going up to 300 euros plus 30 bonus spin
  • Second deposit- 50 percent going up to 350 euros plus 35 bonus spin
  • Third deposit- 25 percent going up to 400 euros plus 40 bonus spin
  • Fourth deposit- 25 percent going up to 450 euros plus 45 bonus spins

You gain access to all these benefits only if the rules are met. Without it, you will get no bonuses of any sort. Please remember that you have to make your first deposit in your account to receive the 1xBet deposit bonus. Let’s dive more into the bonus.

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Receive Your 1xBet First Deposit Bonus

Keep aside the bonus 1xBet that you receive when you register on the site. You are also entitled to 1xBet bonuses, as soon as your deposit money in your 1xBet bonus account.

This 1xBet deposit bonus is given to you, as soon as you sign up and make a minimal deposit of 1 euro. One remarkable thing about this offer, is the fact that you receive a 100 percent bonus as soon as you make a deposit, so in essence you’re always the one who wins. The largest possible bonus you can receive is €130. In order to receive this bonus sum, you need to deposit at least €130 and use 1xBet promo code India.

There are no long hours of waiting, since as soon as you make a deposit, your bonus is given to you, and it swiftly becomes activated. The important thing to remember in this phase is this, 1xBet 1oo bonus should be used three days later when you’ve made deposits. If you do not do so, it would become expired and you would not be able to use it to play games. What you’ll also have to remember is that, 1xBet deposit bonus cannot be played together with other offers.

So to play smoothly, do try to meet the terms and conditions of 1xBet bonus. Then you’ll absolutely have no issues when playing.

1xBet First Deposit Bonus

Register with bonus
130 euro

Getting Acquainted with 1xBet Bonus Rules

1xBet bonus rules are necessary and shouldn’t be ignored, especially when you make first deposit and automatically receive your bonus. Nevertheless, these rules are given to you in detail in 1xBet bonus offer conditions when making first deposit, Let’s get more pragmatic and discuss the details, so that you get a hint;

  • It is a must to make the first deposit, especially if you want to bet on the juicy offers. And it’s only a minimal sum of 1 euros. As soon as you do so, you receive your 1xBet deposit bonus, no lag time.
  • As soon as you receive the bonus, it’s also a must to turn over five times by using accumulator bets.
  • You must have a turn over with at least 3 solid events.
  • There has to be an odd for 3 markets and they go in the following numbers 1, 40, 2/5 or even higher.
  • There is a need to be in the country where such service is available. You can check the list of available countries before making any sort of move.
  • Your 1xBet deposit bonus should be used up within a period of thirty days after you’ve received it. If not, it expires and you can’t have access to it. It goes back to the company.
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Learn about the 1xBet Friday Bonus Rules and Other Juicy Offers

1xBet is ready to give its customers what they desire. The bookie offers numerous kinds of bonuses, that’ll I’ll like to share with you.

  1. 1xBet jackpot bonus: 1xBet jackpot bonuses are simply amazing. And good news, it’s mostly daily. So there is always a day fun to participate. The 1xBet jackpot bonus would automatically give you access to participate in the tournament, immediately you begin playing. All casino games are included in the tournament, with a little exception of roulette, dice, 21 online and Pachinko.
  2. 1xBet Friday bonus Friday nights are simply amazing. So the bookie decided to give freebies this particular day, so as to add to the fun. 1xBet Friday bonus makes you eligible to win a whopping 100 euros in each of that particular day. It’s simply something you must not ignore. And to have full access, you also need to follow 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules.
  3. Don’t have to risk it with just 10 euros: you wish to stay clear from making any chances. Well no risk bet is just for you. You play, you lose, and you get a refund, it’s that simple. All you do is place a bet as soon as the offer begins and you’ll automatically be included. Then you play with your money and the amount lost which is up to 10 euros would be given back. So you see, is really a good benefit to partake in 1xBet bonus games.
  4. Your lucky day: being included in bonus use, you get to also participate in the daily promotions. So if you’re the kind that wish to ask “how to use 1xBet bonus”. Well, no need to ask again the “daily bonus offer conditions” works in this way. Get your ticket by clicking offer page on the screen, then you automatically become eligible to win points. 1xBet picks the winners randomly, just like what you’ll get in a lotto and if you’re picked, it’s your lucky day!
  5. Birthday Bonus 1xBet: our users are what makes 1xBet what it is, without them, there’s no 1xBet. This is why, there’s no other way to celebrate or appreciate them than to shower our users with 1xBet birthday bonus when it comes on this special day. The specific 1xBet bonus use is based on how you wish to use it to play any game of your choice. But it isn’t an all “go-ahead- and –do-what-you-want-stuff” there are still some basic bonus 1xBet terms and conditions that must be followed.
  6. Mega x2 promotion, every Wednesday: this only applies to those who partake in the 1xBet Friday bonus. So if you did, you’re eligible for x2 Wednesday promotion. It goes like this, place five bets on any game of your choice with the odds of 1.40, then you might just get lucky and win 100 euros. It is also important to note that at least 1 euro must be made as your first deposit to be given the bonus. The Wednesday bonus is another mega opportunity to win BIG.
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Important 1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

1xBet Happy Friday Bonus Rules

You must follow the rules first of all, if you desire to participate in 1xBet Happy Friday. With that said, here are the 1xBet happy Friday bonus rules that must be followed;

  1. Make first deposit of 1 euro, so as to activate your bonus
  2. When you’ve made first deposit, you’ll be credited immediately, in which you’ll also have to bet with it three times after twenty-four hours. If you fail to follow the 1xBet happy Friday bonus rules, then the credit expires and you lose.
  3. If you deposit 100 euro, then you automatically get 100% bonus.
  4. You are only eligible for only 1 bonus for a start.
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Basics on How to Make Your 1xBet Bonus Account and What It Means

When you’re part of 1xBet family, you’ll be treated more like a king. You receive bonuses and most of the time you win, which other bookie treats its customers in such a way? No other that we know of. Whether you’re a regular or new member you’re still eligible to have your 1xBet bonus account and there are no exemptions.

Most of the time, certain customers who play often are given the reward which is “VIP cashback program,” in this stance, you earn your money back as a bonus.

Now if you wish to receive this too, here’s how it works:

  1. Get a bonus code 1xBet and partake in the casino games. When done with this, you’ll receive “copper level” status.
  2. Play the casino games of your choice. This gives you experience and helps you achieve more with 1xBet bonus account.
  3. Make sure to build up your points because this would make you earn more as cashback. If you are determined enough, you might reach the status of “VIP.”
  4. You can withdraw funds anytime. But you’ll also have to remember this, that cashbacks can only be withdrawn every 7 days.
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What we mean by 1xBet bonus games

When you’re on a VIP status level, there’s something that’ll notice pertaining to your account, and that’s games bonus. Casino games has also been added to this level, so you’re deemed to have the best experience so as to increase your chance of receiving 1xBet games. If you have such accounts, you have the right to play as much as you want in a casino, earn more and grow your status.

Here are some 1xBet games you’ll see on this bookmaker;

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
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Summarising the information about 1xBet bonus

Well with the few details provided in this article, I’m sure you’ll have a good head-start about how to use 1xBet bonus and how to get bonuses.

And the bonus offer conditions have also been written in few details so that’ll have a little grasp of all the fundamentals, and not surpass or go against the rules. You also have a bit of information on how to create a 1xBet bonus account and properly perform functions or tasks.

With all being said, we’d like to wish you Happy 1xBet gaming.Register with bonus
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